Value added services and new retail
Protect high-quality gas life
Provide a new life experience
Since its launch in 2017, value-added business has actively sought new opportunities and markets, and has achieved gratifying development so far. The group attaches great importance to the future market of value-added services, and clearly proposed to establish a "value-added services and new retail" business group on May 11, 2020. As an important wing and strong promoter of the group's new development, the Group actively faces the external market to expand business and generate income and efficiency on the basis of providing professional services for the group's project company.
Ecosystem strategy
Focus on energy users, integrate internal and external resources, and realize the ecosystem construction strategy through business innovation, capacity upgrading, data-driven, smart competition and other ways.
Business innovation
Focus on energy users, integrate internal and external resources, and build a new business ecosystem。
Capability upgrade
Integrate "public basic services - quality life services" to build a comprehensive service platform。
Data driven
Ai+iot products, new retail platforms, supply chain in Yunji City, customer cloud and other digital empowerment。
Smart competition
Make use of the group's resource advantages to build core competitiveness through scientific and technological empowerment and market-oriented operation。
Ecological sphere
Energy users
  • household
  • Industrial households
  • Commercial households
  • ···
Product service
  • Gas related products
  • Smart appliances
  • Household appliances
  • Custom home
  • Food daily use
  • community service
  • ···
Customer service platform
  • Customer service center
  • Sales experience center
  • Community service station
  • New retail platform
  • Grid community
  • Third party platform
  • ···
Supply chain platform
  • OEM manufacturer
  • Brand manufacturer
  • insurance company
  • Property management company
  • Internet enterprises
  • logistics company
  • ···
Private brand of "Zhongyu Phoenix"
"Zhongyu Phoenix" and "ouga" - are the self owned gas appliance brands of Zhongyu energy, which are operated by the wholly-owned subsidiary Zhongyu smart technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. "Zhongyu Phoenix" and "ouga" are committed to becoming comprehensive gas service experts, and their products include gas stoves, gas water heaters, gas wall mounted stoves, range hoods, water purifiers, integrated stoves There are nearly 200 high-quality gas appliances and surrounding kitchen and bathroom electrical products in many categories, such as dishwashers.

"Zhongyu Phoenix" and "ouga" series gas appliance products adhere to the high standard design and manufacturing principle of "taking gas customers as the basis", and are customized for gas customers, which is the perfect integration of energy services and manufacturing technology. Each product has passed the rigorous dual safety certification of the national quality inspection department and the Zhongyu energy safety certification system, integrating the unique "6-star" gas butler service from consultation, purchase, distribution, installation, maintenance and repair, door-to-door security inspection to safe gas supply (use).

"Zhongyu Phoenix" and "ouga" will guard every customer's high-quality gas life with professionalism and dedication.
New retail platform
The new retail platform of "Zhongyu ijia" is an online business operation system centered on gas users. It is an inevitable trend for gas enterprises to embrace "Internet +" and constantly expand and innovate business. It is also an important part of the group's "customer cloud"

While providing basic services for gas business, the new retail platform of "Zhongyu IKEA" also provides sales and services of more abundant household daily necessities such as gas appliances, household appliances, furniture and household appliances, daily necessities and food specialties closely related to gas users, and will be deeply integrated with the group's gas customer system to provide users with a new life experience of wisdom, safety, convenience, health and quality, Make a better life within reach.
Zhongyu Aijia property service
Zhongyu Aijia (Shenzhen) Property Service Co., Ltd. was born in Shenzhen, the youngest and most dynamic technology city in China, and provides high-quality services for enterprise headquarters, commercial properties, residential communities, industrial parks, R & D bases, special industries and other types of properties.

Zhongyu Aijia property keeps in mind the development mission of "smart service, yuaijia", bravely assumes social responsibility, takes "achieving a better life" as the goal, closely follows market and technological changes, pays attention to customer needs, and carefully creates intelligent, intimate, warm and touching service for customers, and escorts the maintenance and appreciation of customer assets.

Zhongyu Aijia property is committed to building a green habitat, a harmonious and beautiful community and a low-carbon smart urban environment.
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