Personnel Training

Zhongyu energy adheres to the talent development concept of "people-oriented" and pays full attention to the "selection, education, employment and retention" of talents.

Continue to improve the talent training system, pay attention to the excavation and cultivation of talents, strengthen the construction of talent teams at all levels, and provide employees with more learning opportunities and broad development platforms as far as possible, so as to effectively stimulate the potential of employees and help employees surpass themselves and achieve their dreams.

  • 01
    Talent selection mechanism
  • 02
    Talent echelon construction
  • 03
    Dual channel
    Career development path
  • 04
    Training course system
01 Multi channel talent selection mechanism

A fair cadre selection and appointment mechanism has been formed, and talents have been recruited through multiple channels through the combination of internal training and external introduction

Actively invigorate the horizontal and vertical flow of talents among internal member enterprises, thus activating the pool of talents

While carefully planning the talent layout, we should strive to create a fair and passionate working atmosphere and create more growth opportunities for dreamy and talented employees

02 Comprehensive talent echelon construction

Continue to build and improve talent echelons at all levels, have formed a reserve force for technical experts, middle-level cadres, senior executives of subsidiaries and other types of talents at all levels, and implement hierarchical dynamic management of reserved talents

Through the establishment of all-round talent echelons, it ensures the orderly succession of the core strength of the internal management teams at all levels, and provides a solid talent guarantee for the realization of the group's strategic goals and vision

03 Double channel career development path

The group has formed a "dual channel" system of employee career development consisting of professional and technical development channels and management level development channels, so as to unify and improve the salary incentive mechanism, find the coincidence point between employees' abilities and expertise and the company's management needs, and better play the role of "activating personnel" in promoting the development of the company and personal growth

Employees can take the management promotion channel and achieve career development through management rank promotion; You can also take the professional promotion channel to realize self-worth through professional level improvement

04 Diversified training course system

We have constantly expanded training forms, enriched training contents, and explored training resources, and gradually established a diversified training pattern for different levels, combining internal and external training. Build and operate the "cloud learning" platform, carry the group's online learning function, support all staff to "test, learn, practice and use", create an online and offline integrated learning mode, and promote the continuous transformation and application of knowledge through multiple channels and dimensions

(1) Three level qualification certification system:

In order to help personnel at all levels reserve necessary management knowledge and skills in advance and provide systematic learning and development support such as "knowledge, thinking and ability", the group has established a "qualification certification" training mechanism as an access condition for senior executives, middle managers, and team leaders / supervisors of subsidiaries

(2) Training projects of each echelon:

According to the construction of the group's talent echelon, combined with the business reality and personnel characteristics of the key groups of each echelon, sort out the learning and improvement needs of all kinds of personnel, tailor-made training projects, and constantly improve the professionalism of all groups

(3) Professional skills training:

The group organized the business backbones of its subsidiaries to form an internal trainer team, carried out curriculum development based on the experience extraction of various grass-roots positions, and formed professional skill training for the knowledge of "should know and should know" of various positions

(4) Front line practical training:

The group attaches great importance to the vocational skills training of front-line employees, and has built a professional training base in Jiaozuo City, Henan Province. As the main position of the group's practical training, the base has played an important role in boosting business development. The base also undertakes the social function of vocational training in the local gas industry

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